Marc Alary

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 13.29.13Meet my latest jewellery crush: Marc Alary. French-born and NY-based, Marc Alary works simple themes – flora and fauna – in interesting ways. Just take the articulated monkey ring above – the shapes are sinuous and sophisticated, but the idea is more children’s toy than fine jewellery. You can reposition the monkey to echo your mood – playful, watchful, ready-to-pounce. Below are a few more of his pieces, including some pendant playmates for that ring and my personal favourites, the coiled-leopard rings.

Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 13.28.03 Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 13.29.53 Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 13.30.36


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Weekend Post #29

8362760_5755575_lz Beautiful black-and-white animal portraits by Alex Teuscher

How to be there

Michael Pollan on healthy diets

Love these shoes… and all these metallic ones

How to really, really impress dinner guests: chocolate terrariums

Want, want, must have

Outfit inspiration in black and white

Two-tone shoes  *shameless plug alert*

Male models meet deep winter

The science behind using salt in cooking

An oldie but a goodie: Clipboard Girls by SRSLY

An emergency bread recipe

{image by Andrea Hrnjak at Society6}

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Weekend Post #28

11114atDG2343web Fashion vs. function from Lonny mag

Pompom blanket

Catherine Baba style

A dream chalet

How big is your vocabulary?

Ooooooh Prada

A Sherlock & Watshon col1jckltail… *hic* (Although I really see Sherlock as more of a gin man. And: have you been watching the new series? What do you think?)

Diggin these earrings

I will never look this cool

WTF: miso caramel

A great post from Miss Moss about healthy exercise motivation (I love it for the pics from Life) and the right-on rant that inspired it (with a peanut-butter cookie recipe at the bottom)

Love this coat from H&M

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

{beautiful red pout photo by The Sartorialist}

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Monique Péan

Monique Péan earringsSo, I only discovered Monique Péan and her jewellery just now – luckily the rest of the world hasn’t been quite so slow on the uptake. Born in Washington, Monique began her career as a Goldman Sachs analyst in New York. But in 2006 after a family tragedy Monique decided to do something a bit different.

In the years since she’s been the recipient of the CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund Award, the CVFF and Tiffany & Co development grant and been listed as one to watch by “Fortune” and “Oprah” magazines.

Her eponymous jewellery label aims to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The materials used include 18-carat recycled gold, fossilised woolly mammoth and walrus ivory, sustainable buffalo horn and pearls, and fair-trade and conflict-free precious stones. And unlike many other eco brands, which too often don’t quite cut it aesthetically, Monique’s collection is a triumph. And of course I want every single piece. Starting with those earrings…

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Brooke Holm

brookeholm_peppermintmagI can’t remember where it was that I first came across Brooke Holm’s photography. I can tell you that I can’t stop ogling her portfolio and luscious photo-blog (just check out this post on a recent trip to New Zealand). Her palette and mood are both open and energising; there’s a real Scandinavian vibe to much of her work – particularly the still lifes and interiors images – surprising since she’s Australian, lives in Melbourne, and is clearly besotted with the great outdoors.



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