Kassia St Clair’s third book (to be published by John Murray in 2022) will be centre around the most hare-brained and epic journey the world has ever known. More intriguing still, you’ve probably never heard of it.

In June 1907 five cars, with sponsors including Pirelli, Dunlop, Louis Vuitton and Michelin, roared over the start line near the Forbidden City in Beijing. Two continents, two months and 10,000 miles later, the race had changed the world.

“The Peking-to-Paris race captures the essence of an era of exploration and profound social, cultural and technological change.”

Featuring a cast of characters including an eccentric Italian prince, a conman, petrol-bearing camels and cars with engines that wound up like mechanical toys, the Peking-to-Paris race is an unforgettable tale of rip-roaring bravado under adversity.

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The Peking to Paris Project