Brooke Holm

brookeholm_peppermintmagI can’t remember where it was that I first came across Brooke Holm’s photography. I can tell you that I can’t stop ogling her portfolio and luscious photo-blog (just check out this post on a recent trip to New Zealand). Her palette and mood are both open and energising; there’s a real Scandinavian vibe to much of her work – particularly the still lifes and interiors images – surprising since she’s Australian, lives in Melbourne, and is clearly besotted with the great outdoors.



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Weekend Post #27

raspberry-pink-peppercorn-macarons-1 Beautiful hats by Johannesburg-based Simon & Mary milliners

Do you tofu?

Surreal fashion editorial shoot by Viviane Sassen for AnOther

Popsicles. Made from avocado, matcha and white chocolate. WHAT?!

Garance loves Jenna (well, don’t we all?)…

…and Cameron Diaz loves pubes. Who’d've guessed it?

A fascinating article about the foods making us fat

This skirt

Raunchy Simpsons

Wishing they had this necklace in rose gold…

A mad hobby: learning baristu, the martial art favoured by Sherlock Holmes

{pic: raspberry and pink pepper macaroons at 100layercake}

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Frozen Things

So it seems that the polar vortex may be moving on and I’m sure everyone over in the eye of the vortex – which basically seems to extend over Northern America – is going to be very relieved to see the back of it, but it certainly has given rise to a wave of creativity:

Soap Bubbles

bubble6 bubble7 bubble3Bubbles


enhanced-buzz-wide-31021-1389117938-15 {Barry Butler via Buzzfeed}

enhanced-buzz-wide-31135-1389116530-14{Shawn Reynolds via Buzzfeed}


dca845cb513a605bb320387e966ab798 b3b2e4dfdd93f48f2534fa20ade396ae {Thomas Zakowski via BoredPanda}


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.24.59 {screenshot of video by Jim Brandenburg}

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perfect basicsWe British may have Topshops coming out of our ears, Boots on every high street and now even J.Crew (although the prices have risen alarmingly in the journey across the Atlantic) but there are still so many great American brands that you need to journey to the States to get your hands on. (I mean c’mon people, how come you still don’t ship internationally?!)

I’ve mentioned Lo & Sons and Madewell before, so I won’t bore you by talking about them again, but now (and here I’m choking back a sob) I’ve discovered you Americans also have sole access to Everlane. The most perfect place to get perfect basics: silk shirts, slouchy cashmere, simple leather accessories and mannish tees. Scroll through the below and weep (unless you’re in the US, in which case as you were).

Everlane 1cc78c373_d92fEverlane 28e8de600_c3dcEverlane 34cc72028_ac5d

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Masha Reva’s Odessa Series

63_1313Remember my love of Madame Peripetie? Well she’s cropped up again attached to another great project – surprise, surprise. This time she’s the art director of a lookbook for a collaboration between designer Masha Reva and Syndicate; a project called called the Odessa Series after Reva’s home town.

Here’s what Syndicate have to say about the project:

The concept of Odessa Series is about a new take on Ukrainian kitsch and an ironical view on how Ukrainians desire to look luxurious. By presenting paradoxical elements within the imagery such as an enormously expensive jewelry-piece from Christie’s auction, placed next to a cheap vintage brooch found on an Odessa flea market, perfectly define the elements which now seem to make up a contemporary Ukrainians fashion DNA.

These lookbook images pretty much nail that playful bling vs luxurious vibe, don’t you agree?

63_2013mashareva-5688 63_2013mashareva-5563 63_2013mashareva-5320 63_2013mashareva-5288{via This is Paper}

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Weekend Post #26

c8fd054ff32e3caa67bb9163747b61fbOne of my new year resolutions is: “no buying new stuff”. So I immediately fell in love with these earrings

Ooh, and these ones

Salted caramel molten chocolate cakes (Or: all my favourite words in one recipe)

One perfect flat

I did this on NY eve, and now plan to do it a lot more often

This clutch!

More best-ofs from The Sartorialist; that middle one is gorgeous

Read it and weep: 2013, a year in sexism

Roast chicken with clementines recipe

How much do I want to apply for this job?

{pic via Kushandwizdom}

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Hidden Mothers; Draped Women

870You may or may not know that in some Victorian portraits of children mothers disguised themselves as furniture, presumably to keep their children calm and still while the photo was being taken. Well now, either in homage or by pure chance, photographer Patty Carroll has done a photo series called “Draped Women”. Below are a few of my favourites, from both categories:


Hidden Mothers1Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous-Women-6-600x720Hidden Mothers2Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous-Women-10-600x720Hidden Mothers3{hidden mothers images via Retronaut}

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